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For the Love of Desserts…



Hans and Rene

Popularly known for their adventurousness in flavours. From Agbalumo and Zobo sorbets, to tiramisu and salted caramel gelatos. There’s something for the taste buds to explore. Also they have a GREAT menu to cater to lactose intolerant customers. The also do cakes – Try the Red Velvet Cheesecake, muffins, glazed donuts, Red Velvet Ice Cream cones – I tell you, they are here to experiment and we are here to be lab rats! A great spot for lunch!

hans & rene

Location 1: Radisson Blu, Ozumba Mbadiwe, V.I.
Location 2: ICM, The Mall, Ikeja.
Location 3: Palms, Lekki.

Ice Cream Factory

Yet another explorative flavour spot, bringing you intriguing flavours such as Butter Pecan, Pistachio and Almond, Almond Praline, Madagascan. The menu like others doesn’t stop there though: It goes on to Ice Cream Sundaes, Gelatos, Muffins and Cakes. The interior set up is also very cosy, great for a cute date or a gathering of friends.

ice cream

Location 1: Admiralty Way, Lekki phase 1
Location 2: Circle Mall, Osapa, Lekki Expressway

Sweet Kiwi

Not everyday Ice-Cream, sometimes something different!  Sweet Kiwi offers exactly that – in the form of Froyo! If you think that’s no different from Ice- Cream – SORT YA BUDS OUT! There’s more to it than just Froyo though, Fruit Parfaits, Smoothies, Fruit bowls and more. Sweet Kiwi is a perfect spot for a Saturday afternoon catch-up session. Comfortable for you and your friend to gist away.


Location 1: Admiralty Way, Lekki phase 1
Location 2: The Palms Lekki.

Cookie Jar

Cakes, Cookies and Confectionaries! Cookie pops, cupcookies – if it’s to do with a cookie, they’ve tried it, or they will! They are passionate about appearance and it shows through their works. Don’t get it twisted though they aren’t limited to just cookies oh. Cakes and other desserts available.


Location 1: 9 Otunba Adedoyin Ogungbe Crescent, Lekki Phase 1
Location 2: Pop Store: Sweet Kiwi, Admiralty Way, Lekki Phase 1


The high street favourite. Mostly attached to Dominos, we’d argue that coldstone is the most accessible dessert chain in Lagos. Menus are dependent on location, i.e. some places have a wider variety as oppose to the common ice cream options. This includes Hot fudge cake, milkshakes and more. It’s a perfect spot to pig out to the max!


Location: Where there’s Dominos!

Salt Lagos

An well trusted online dessert delivery service. Sometimes it’s the dessert in bed that we crave and Salt provides that service. From Banana loafs, to Lemon tarts, to Christmas special pumpkin pies to brownies, to cupcakes, and many more. Salt Lagos provides all this in line with many wonderous cakes – triple layer chocolaty chocolate cake, carrot cake, the tuxedo – cheese cake and salted caramel. At the risk of listing the whole menu and leaving your mouth watering over your laptop



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