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The Wine House


It all starts from the cliché after work glass – you get home and pour yourself some wine. Slowly, you become one of those wine people. Every time you’re out at dinner, every time you go for drinks – it’s wine. You find yourself inspecting bottles, looking at dates and countries of origin etc. But where in Lagos can you actually fester this culture?






This little tiny discrete Tavern is PERFECT for you and your fellow wine-lovers, for a private party or for an intimate date. It’s so hidden you could drive past it a couple times looking for it. It is identified by a green gate with it’s numbering. Beyond the gates, lie beautiful palm trees and leafy plants and vines.



11                                                    Love the innovative use of a barrel as a table here.


Outside seating and a couple barrels greet you at the entrance along with cheery staff. Then you walk into the store. Now I’m not a wine addict, but if you’re an enthusiast, there’s enough wine to satisfy your buds, and apparently someone there to educate you. The store leads to a nice lounge that provides a warm and cosy environment, dim ambience which creates a sultry mood. The lounge is furnished with couches, wooden chairs and stools. The owner is definitely an art enthusiast because the artworks on the wall are astonishing and also, they are up for sale, so for intellects that like to discuss a sophisticated culture over wine, this is your ideal environment. Or at least it makes you feel that way even if you’re not. Discussions of social media happenings feel like international politics debates.


22                                                                                     The Wine Store


Meals aren’t much of a big thing here though. It’s just finger foods and small chops – simple dishes to compliment your favourite Rosé. They don’t have a varied menu, but enough options to keep you interested. From Asun to Plantain to potato wedges, you are bound to find something to fit your drink.
On Fridays and Saturdays they have a live band playing and as the lounge is pretty small, the sound carries very well but not too loud. Conversations are manageably audible and wine is still pouring.

The service here is also quite good. The staff have a happy vibe and because it’s such a small venue, the staff to table ratio is great, therefore making service timely, leaving you as a customer feeling very taken care of.
It’s literally the perfect getaway from the regular drinks venues across Lagos. It’s a hidden gem in the heart of Ikoyi.  It’s secrecy is one of the things I love about it and the fact that you are VERY unlikely to bump into someone.

Spot: The Winehouse Lounge
Location: 19A Mekunwen Street, Off Macpherson Road, Ikoyi
Pricing: N5000-N8000

Pro Tip: Its cheaper to buy wine from the store than from the menu!



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