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Why We Love Lagos!

  1. Radio
    Your aux cord game may be fire, but radio in Lagos is probably better. There’s no new song that hasn’t hit the radio, there’s no headline or trending topic that isn’t discussed, there’s no sort of competition you won’t hear of, and all the latest events too, though GidiGuide has you covered on these. Radio in Lagos is generally great for traffic companionship.beat fm                      rhythm
  2. Restaurants
    There’s so many places to eat in Lagos, the list is indispensable. Food is important to the culture. It’s not irregular for a city to have many restaurants, in fact it would be quite worrying if it didn’t have. But aside from it’s popular chain like ‘Mr. Biggs, Sweet Sensation, KFC… there’s also small scale chains like Debonairs, Yellow Chilli, Spurs and one of a kinds like Casper and Gambini, Crust and Creams, RSVP.. we’ll give you a cost/venue guide to these soon, but trust me, there’s ALOT to try.yellow chilli
  3. Street Food 
    What’s better than food? Street food is important to the culture. Wether it’s another cultures own or not, the presence of street food complete the whole city vibe and Lagos has a lot to offer. Suya, Asun, Boli, Shawarma, Roasted Corn, Akara, Puff-puff and more.Suya             BoliAsun-meat
  4. Sports
    There’s a rapidly increasing presence of sports competitions in Lagos. Football,  Basketball, Volleyball, Rugby and more. If you’re the sporty type then, there’s bound to be something for you. If  not, it’s always fun to attend
    these even.IMG-20151117-WA001              IMG_20141121_181707
  5. Owambe
    There’s almost always one party or the other going on. Birthday, Wedding, Engagement, Naming ceremony, Anniversary. Every Saturday will present you with the chance to gbedu away. These parties are always LIT!!!! From when you enter, you get those drummers hailing you and chanting, making you feel as the next most important guest after the celebrant(s). The spraying of money, the dancing and the food. Another thing to love about these events is SMALL CHOPS. Food is actually the heart and soul of survival in Lagos – it’s important to the culture, so small chops are highly appreciated at weddings.owambe
    Owambe drummers
    small chops
  6. Traffic
    No no no. We’re not celebrating traffic. We’re celebrating the joys of shopping in traffic. Lagos culture still holds hawking. So Lagos traffic itself is a date. You can go out and find breakfast, lunch and dinner in traffic. You can find Christmas, Birthday, Housewarming, Baby shower, Bridal shower gifts. You can find a new outfit, you can even find a pet. You can get married sef.traffic 1   traffic 2
    traffic 3
  7. The Nightlife
    Lagos nightlife is one to partake in. Admittedly it’s a bit of a hustle, but for me it’s always worth it. Between SIP, Quillox, Vapours, 57, Escape, Nitro, and others… you’re guaranteed to have a good night. What helps is the proximity between them all. So if one doesn’t click or bang — We movee!!!guilox
    nitro    Nitro 2
  8. Uber
    Don’t drive, worry no more, Uber’s at your door. Don’t want to drink and drive. Uber will drive. The convenience of moving around in Lagos in ‘style’ is here in Lagos. There’s now also the pay with cash option, so don’t fret over the exchange rate and bank charges. Although the essence of uber is to be cashless, we don’t see any harm in this new introduction. Uber Lagos is also fond of teaming up with institutions and organisations so there are many perks/benefits of using Uber.Uber lAgos
  9. Cinema 
    Watching movies is pretty cheap here in Lagos. From as low as N500 on some days, you can watch a blockbuster.  And then there’s deals like 1000 for a movie and popcorn and a drink. If you’re looking for a cheap date, a lonesomes activity or something to do with friends. Also, there’s an increasing presence of outdoor cinema activity. So if you have fuel to burn or can bear mosquito’s this alternative vibe might just be for you.

        genesis deluxe cinemasimage1 (1)
  10. Beaches!!!
    While Lagos City is a real hustle and bustle and up there with the Never sleeps like New York, Tokyo, London… etc. One thing Lagos has within it’s busy capacity is beaches. With Elegushi beach being as close as ever, or a short boat ride away is Badagry all the way down to Ilashe… the beach scenery is quite on point. Who doesn’t like the beach? Let’s roll that mami water length weave into a nice high bun, Forget about our undefined torsos and get our close enough summer bods out and head on out to the beach. The good thing is Lagos weather pretty much permits us to go most times of the year. So there’s no winter snow or spring showers (Although rainy season might deter your plans a little, but how long does it really last?) For which the ideal case may be a resort… as there are many of those located in beach environments but with enough space to accommodate and activities to engage you while the downpour goes on.beach 2
    beach 3



beach 4

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