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GidiGuide is an E-commerce platform seeking to curate and enhance the social life experience of its user.  Our website is an extremely user friendly platform that offers a curated guide into Lagos social life, focusing on events, lifestyle and tourism. Its elegant and attractive user interface is a visual expression of lifestyle and events in Lagos. The website keeps you up to date with events going on in the city and once users register; GidiGuide provides easy accessibility when buying event tickets.
Part of the GidiGuide objective is to express how amazing the lifestyle is in Lagos. This can be seen in our blog; it is full of tourism attractions, fun places to visit, event reviews and recommended things to do. Through our platform, we aim to encourage more events, showcase things to do and boost tourism in Lagos while helping plan your weekend without you breaking a sweat. The website is just the tip of the ice berg how ever, there is more to expect from GidiGuide – the new hub for lifestyle and tourism in Lagos. Alt2 Logo black(1200px)



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