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We’re major fans of art and culture here at GidiGuide, so we’re always looking out for shows of all sorts, and if you look hard enough and keep your ears to the ground, you’ll find that Lagos actually has a lot happening over the weekends. Fuel scarcity and institutional feuds will not stop the citizens from having a swell time. Amongst other events that this weekend’s itinerary presented, was the Indigo Arya Pop-up Art & Photography Exhibition: Lagos Living and Working.

Heritage Place
Kingsway Road, at Lugard Avenue Intersection,

The venue was the recently developed world-class office building, The Heritage Centre. It is an ultra-modern eco-friendly building and is said to be the first environmentally certified building in Lagos. Trust us when we say this building was state-of-the-art, in terms of technology and finishing, simply epic!
The exhibition took place on the 13th floor of the building over looking the busy streets of Ikoyi, the night view had us looking out of what seemed more like New York. I guess Lagos is more beautiful from a bird’s eye view. Even more beautiful however was the art work.

Upon entry and throughout the evening, refreshments were provided by dans, from juice to fizzy drinks to alcohol, there was something for all. We went for the evening show and we had just missed a performance but right on time for live music. The night truly was art filled. In addition to this, there was an in show photographer with props – so a cameraman version of a photo booth.

Here are some of our favourite artists of the evening!

Artist: Femi Arogundade


Femi had a five piece collection that narrated the journey that many youths face today.

  1. Love Lust – A piece that depicts the darkness of a break up an the early blooms of another.fems1
  2. Memento Mori – One of the darkest pieces of the collection which explores the cycle of life and death from the perspective of the last man standing. Symbols are placed in the painting to depict growth. The painting delves further to explain man’s innate evil and thirst for greed and power.
  3. Trials and Tribulations – A narrative painting which captures the emotions of a young student having left the educational system and on researching the working world and confronting his fears.
  4. Anticipation – depicted a youth arriving in their new environment – Lagos. The piece was an infusion of architectural 3D designs in painting.
  5. Ode to Bauhaus – A merger between the realms of architecture and fine art; paying homage to old and new architects and artists. The urban-scape painting depicts the modern day metropolis city. The infusion pays homage to the Bauhaus movement whiles maintain the design principles and colour schemes considered by great architects like Le Corbusier as the perfect aesthetic.

Artist: Dennis Osadebe


Dennis displayed a collection which challenged sexism, posing questions of why only boys choose toys that imitate weapons, and raising thoughts such as why don’t women engage in physical battles? The general conception is that boys use toys that signify power and strength and females aren’t ‘about that life.’ Dennis’ pieces challenge this view and present an alternate scenario were women are also capable of executing strength, endearment and power.

  1. Boys Play War – A colourful installation of spears and shields sets.
  2. Subtle – These two pictures depicted women using the weapons. A female hand drawing the bow and a female hand throwing an arrow.
  3. Felt Like a Kiss – This depicted the woman as a finisher. Completing what a man is capable of completing.

Artist: Addie Mak 

Addie Mak had one of favourites as an interactive piece. He used strobe lights to create images that were pleasant to the eye.

  1. The bearded genius showed us a two funky bearded men with afros which was eye catching to those with an eye for retro art.beard
  2. Lagos truck an interactive piece. It gave viewers the chance to sit under the strobe light halo and replace Virgin Mary. The piece replicated the appearance of a typical Lagos danfo.


Artist: Dipo Doherty
Dipo’s piece was very central to the venue in that you were greeted with his piece on entry.

  1. Ask for pieces
  2. Underlying tones of sexuality

Other artists/art pieces that we loved, but were unable to get names included;
A live graffiti artist
A photo memorial
A projection

It was truly amazing, really an event for all.

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